As a wholesale monument company, Mark Nierenhausen Granites specializes in all facets of memorialization, including both standard and custom upright memorials, sculpting, mausoleums, columbariums, bench and civic memorials.


At Mark Nierenhausen Granites we specialize in both standard and custom design monuments stocking a large variety of colors in both standard and special design monuments.

We stock a large variety of colors in many standard size monuments including: Serp top monuments, slants, bevel markers and grass markers.

Special Design Monuments

Our special design monuments are custom shaped monuments that we keep in our inventory in various sizes and colors.

Custom Design Monuments

With highly skilled foreign and domestic manufacturers, we are able to provide an extensive variety of your favorite custom designs.

Statue Sculptures

We specialize in hand sculpted monuments and statues carved in both granite and marble. Enjoy one of our standard statues and/or sculptures, or choose a custom design of your choice.


We stock a variety of standard benches in various colors and sizes, or we can create customized benches to accommodate your ideas.

Standard Benches

Custom Benches


For cremation burials, we offer monuments for both companion burials and communal burials.

Civic Memorials



There is nothing more beautiful than to use a part of nature to draw someone into your business. Have a granite sign in front of your business today.